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About us:

Energy & Corporate Africa is an energy and corporate leadership consulting firm. We aim to achieve our corporate goals by adding value to the business and human objectives of our clients. In so doing, we apply global standards, sound corporate governance, ethical, safe,  healthy and environmental  considerations.


Our experienced and dynamic global team are instrumental to our sound delivery of goals.  We strategically discuss and plan every project carrying our clients along and having their desires in focus.


We offer the following services:



  • The Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Energy Conference

  • Africa Marginal Field and Independent Producers Conference

  • Nigeria international Pipeline Technology & Security Conference

  • Subsea Nations  & Deepwater Development Conference

  • Nigeria Energy Forum


Training and Workshops.



  • ​Market Intelligence

  • Road Shows and Promotion of Licensing Rounds

  • Branding

  • Corporate Retreats and Games

  • Arranging High-Level Meetings

  • Award Nights and Gala

  • Procurement

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