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Dr Emeka Duruigbo

Professor of Energy & Business Law

Texas Southern University, Houston

Dr. Emeka Duruigbo is nationally and internationally recognized as a scholar and advocate, with a focus on Energy Law, Business Law, and International Law and Development. He is a professor of law at Thurgood Marshall School of Law where he teaches courses in Business and Oil and Gas Law. Prior to joining the faculty at Thurgood Marshall, he was a senior legal counsel at Natural Heritage Institute in San Francisco, a resource development associate at LawFinance Group, Inc., and a research fellow at the Program for Energy and Sustainable Development at Stanford University. He has authored a book, several book chapters and numerous articles on various legal subjects ranging from international law and petroleum law to corporate law and finance. His scholarship has been cited in leading law journals across the world and by state and federal courts and in an amicus brief at the United States Supreme Court.

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