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Dr  Keith Millheim
Chief Executive Officer
Atlantis Offshore LLC

Dr. Keith Millheim received PhD in Mining from University of Loeben, M.Sc in Petroleum Engineering the University of Okalahoma  and B.Sc in Petroleum Engineering from Marietta University . Keith is a member of the U.S. Engineering Academy. Millheim is currently the chief executive officer of Atlantis Offshore. Dr. Millheim retired as a Distinguished Advisor for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, the highest technical position in the company. Before this position, he was the company’s chief engineer for technology.


Dr. Keith Millheim has over 40 years experience in the E&P business and currently serves as CEO of Atlantis Offshore and Managing Director of Nautilus International LLC, which is primarily focused on industry research and engineering related to the Self-Standing Riser. Nautilus is currently working on a RPSEA project for the use of the self-standing riser in an offshore coiled tubing intervention deployed on a cost effective vessel. Dr. Millheim is an innovator in drilling, deepwater operations, and arctic technologies. He was a pioneer in directional and horizontal drilling, Slim Hole drilling, drilling analytics, bit technology, real time drilling control centers, offshore technologies, and arctic drilling. He has authored more than 60 papers and articles on drilling, management of engineering, systems dynamics and other technical and management-oriented subject matter.


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