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Dr. Oladunni Owo
Chief Executive Officer
Black Gold Authority

Dr. Oladunni Owo is a versatile business expert, a serial entrepreneur and a management consultant
with about 2 decades of cosmic professional experience spanning several industries such as Energy,
Oil and Gas, FMCG, Education Management, Ecommerce, Real Estate, Project and developmental
Finance (to mention a few) with wide geographical exposures across different countries. She has
very strong analytical background designing business decision models and strategies for start up
As a business consultant and trainer, Oladunni has mentored several upcoming businesses with
major focus on profitability ensuring the companies made good return on investment (ROI) within a
realistic payback period. She is a frequent speaker at business events and has anchored several
inductions, trainings, seminars, workshops and conferences for organisations across the several
Oladunni is the principal consultant at Blackgold Authorities and Advisory a company focused on
Energy Business development, project finance and advisory services.
Oladunni seats on the board of several organisations both at the executive and non-executive level
contributing her bespoke expertise in strategic management to help move the organisations to their
next levels.

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