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Energy and Corporate Africa Unveils Its Conferences for 2018

The current market situation in the oil/gas industry calls for agility, structured competitiveness in terms of cost reduction and ensuring quality in order to remain afloat and maintain substantive profitability, said  Sunny Oputa, CEO Energy & Corporate Africa as  he unveils the company’s conferences for 2018. Oputa went further to say, that it calls for astute leadership, integrated excellence in human capital, use of innovative /cost reduction technology, meaningful security, dynamic risk management processes and sustainable community relations.


Therefore, in order to maintain momentum and keep ahead in the market, demands continuous improvement, knowledge sharing among industry experts/peers, maximum showcasing of brands and relevant networking with senior government officials, and top decision makers in the industry.


Having constructively weighed these strategies, we are glad to present our conferences for 2018 at a glance for your participation and support. We humbly ask that you mark your event calendars and consider these conferences.


  • 11th Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Conference scheduled for 26th – 27th April, 2018 at Marriott Westchase Houston, Texas, USA

To enhance investments;maintain  production increase, functional refineries, infrastructures for oil & gas transportation that will support its growing need for gas to power, and accelerate adequate legal frameworks for sustainable relationship with host communities have becomechallenges before Sub-Saharan Africa national oil companies, international, independents, and indigenous operators. 


The 11th Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Conference aims to provide a platform for participants to gain insight; share knowledge, showcase expertise, proffer solutions to some of the challenges facing the industry in order to become nationally sufficient and globally competitive. It will also provide a cozy environment for networking with ministers, top government officials, industry leaders and top decision makers.



  • Subsea Nations & Africa Oil/Gas Investment Forum scheduled for April 30th, 2018 at Crowne Plaza, Kirby Road, Opp. OTC Arena, Houston


Subsea Nations Africa Oil & Gas Investment Forum is a 1 day lunch event that will bring Africa producing nations together with industry experts, offshore and deep water focused groups, scientists, technology and equipment manufacturers, investors, banks and government senior officials to gain insight and share knowledge on how to develop the region’s subsea assets and enhance technology utilization for project optimization. 

It also provides forum for unlocking the region’s technology and human capital potentials in subsea engineering and how to grow the local market for raising capital.  It elaborately presents a cozy platform for high level networking.



  • Nigerian International Pipeline Technology& Security Conference (NIPITECS) scheduled for September 19 -20, 2018 @ Sheraton Hotel Abuja


Nigerian International Pipeline Technology and Security Conference – NIPITECS will showcase pipeline technology and security investment opportunities in Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa and its integration with the global market. This unique event will be hosted in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Africa's #1  and OPEC's 10th  major producing nation .


This conference presents a platform for learning, gaining insight, sharing knowledge and networking among policy makers, operators, investors, banks and governments to harmonize relationship and investment opportunities.


The conference will highlight the challenges and through expert presentations will proffer solutions on pipelines and allied infrastructural development in the region through  E & P project updates, design, engineering, technology, innovations, economics, asset integrity, HSE, geology, sub-sea engineering, supply chain, procurement, project funding, contracts, legal framework, security, community relations, and local content .



  • Africa Marginal & Independent Oil/Gas Producers Conference scheduled for 10th – 11th October, 2018 at Crowne Plaza, 19 New Bridge, London


The need for governments to balance production with economic developments, which is also aided by the prolific geology of Africa have given rise to germane need to ensure rapid development of, stranded assets, large and marginal fields.

Amid new  investors’ friendly  legislation that encourages participation of indigenous companies  in the development of oil and gas assets, and  significant divestment of assets by BIG OIL companies in the region, Africa’s oil patch  opens up massive opportunities for independent and indigenous companies that are ready to  benefit from this  emerging new wave of economic buoyancy.

Africa Marginal & Independent Oil/Gas Producers Conference will bring together the region’s oil/gas senior government officials, national oil companies, regulatory agencies, independents, indigenous companies, banks, investors, legislators, and analysts together to share knowledge and also network for the benefits of all concerned.

The conference will showcase available assets both large and marginal, farm-in and other business opportunities through national and company presentations. It will afford deal seekers and decision makers’ grand platform to interact smoothly under same roof. The conference will further articulate on the technical, economic, geopolitical and regulatory challenges impacting the development of large/ marginal assets in the region and will through expert presentations from various companies share knowledge on the experiences of some companies on how they were able to overcome pitfalls. IT IS ALSO A NETWORKING FORUM!


Oputa requested that companies can contact them or create opportunities for discussion on how these conferences could add value to their corporate aspirations. He mentioned that for instance these conferences can benefit delegates by:

  • Gaining and sharing industry knowledge among experts and peers

  • Learning about upcoming licensing rounds and farm-in opportunities

  • Having a one-stop opportunity to understand  and plug into business opportunities in the region

  • Get expert solutions on geological, geophysical, commercial, legal frameworks and other technical challenges impacting development of assets in the region

  • Learning from the experiences of other companies through case studies and presentation on how the ensured growth by overcoming various pitfalls

  • Keeping abreast with emerging innovative technologies and processes

  • Understanding economic principles in various phases of project lifecycle

  • Showcasing your brand, making new contacts and consolidating existing relationship

  • Understanding  new legislations and how government regulations impact/ or influence business

  • Amid global market volatility understanding how to reduce cost and control your CAPEX and OPEX

  • Gaining valuable information on how to access capital for projects in the region

  • Networking among top government officials, decision makers, industry top players and peers

  • Understanding strategies for de-risking and ensuring good community relations

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