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Exploration and production to increase from 2018 -2019 in Nigeria and seneGambia

H.E. Elimane KANE
Minister of Petroleum & Energy, Senegal

Global investment in exploration and production are expected to increase in 2018 -2019 due to improvements in the oil and gas market. Nigeria, Sene-Gambia regions are been predicted by analysts as zones that most of the investments would be experienced.

Nigeria, the foremost producer in Africa is working towards increasing its daily production to 3million barrels, while also contemplating on what effect OPEC’s cut off policy would have on its production and market potentials. Also expecting the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) which is hoped would transform the business dynamics of the country into fruition, and available large and marginal fields to be licensed soon, with extensively listed farm-in/out opportunities, Nigeria’s significance as oil and gas investors’ focus will increase tremendously between 2018 -2019.

Major presentations from core leadership of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and Department of Petroleum Resources would showcase the latest trend and investment opportunities in the country.

Senegal and the SeneGambia zone has become a very attractive to investors and oil exploration production companies. Since 2014, when the greatest discovery was made in Senegal new doors opened and many other discoveries have been reported. Drilling has commenced seriously in Senegal and production is expected in 2019. 



The Minister of Petroleum & Energies of Senegal. H.E. Elimane KANE, the Director General of Ministry of Hydrocarbon, Senegal, Aminata Ndoye Toure and Joseph Medou, the Exploration and Production Director, of Petrosen, Senegal’s national oil company will be on stage in the 11th Annual Sub-Saran Africa Oil & Gas Conference scheduled for April 26 -27, 2018 to give updates  on the E & P trends in Senegal, opportunities and its friendly investment environment as the nation creates opportunities to welcome more companies to Senegal which has become a new oil/gas paradise in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Since Adama Barrow became the president of Gambia, policy changes and new wave of democracy has made Gambia very interesting to oil and gas investors. With a promising geology that experts have affirmed to have high hydrocarbon deposits, and sharing same streams with Senegal, Gambia is now on the major radar of E & P companies.

Hon. Fafa Sanyang, the Minister of Petroleum, Jerreh Barrow, Commissioner Petroleum and Mod Ceesay, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum, The Gambia will be in the conference to talk about opportunities and potentials of Gambia.

Hon. Fafa Sanyang
Minister of Petroleum, Gambia
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