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Gabon National Oil Company presents achievements and opportunities in Houston conference

                  H.E. Ali Bongo, President of Gabon

 Gabon, one of the oil and gas producing nations of Africa is coming more alive and buoyant in its effort to become a premier producer in the continent. So far, the country has shown seriousness to become a top producing nation and has instituted helpful decrees to commercialize the State’s involvement in the exploration and production of hydrocarbon.  Under the leadership of H.E. Ali Bongo, the president of Gabon, the State established a national oil company called called Société National des Hydrocarbures du Gabon (SNHG).

As the youngest national oil company in Africa – Gabon National Oil Company (also known as SNHG) has made some remarkable achievements. Notable among them is the commercial lifting of its first cargo of Total Gabon Terminal of about 650,000 barrels of oil (Rabi Blend Crude) in December 2012 at the economic city of Port Gentel.  That was the first time the State was involved in such venture.

The national oil company has assets in fields such as Obangue (100%), Remboue, Batanga, Bende, and  also has explorations  assets in blocks such : Maghena (operator Addax), Agali (Operator Anadarko) and many others.  The laudable achievements and forward – looking strategies and vast opportunities in the oil and gas sector of Gabon would be included in the keynote presentation of Milko Binza Moussirou, the Assets Operations Director, of Gabon National Oil Company in the 7th Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Conference scheduled for May 1 – 2, 2014 at the Marriott West chase, Houston, USA.

Some of the functions of Gabon National Oil Company are : To hold, manage and take participations, of any nature whatsoever on behalf of the State, directly or indirectly in all activities related to research, exploration, production, distribution, transportation , storage, marketing, refining and all activities directly related to the transactions referred to above; - To hold the state participation in oil and gas fields and in the capital of companies holding conventions of establishment and production sharing contracts;- To ensure the marketing, import, export and distribution of all or part of the extracted products of hydrocarbon and industrial facilities for treatment and processing of hydrocarbons;
- To undertake on behalf of the state, alone or in combination, any investment operation, management directly related to the transactions referred to in paragraph 1 above; - To look and operate, alone or in association, partnership, joint venture, of hydrocarbon deposits and any related or associated substances; In general, perform either directly or by any other entity or by the creation of subsidiaries under Gabonese law or foreign law, all financial transactions related directly or indirectly to the hydrocarbon industry.

It is the vision of the young national oil company to become the leading energy company on the African continent through the organic growth of its assets, by safely and sustainably supplying the energy demands of the continent emerging economies, while respecting the environment and delivering superior shareholder return.


About Milko Binza Moussirou


















Milko Binza Moussirou is the assets operation director of Gabon National Oil Company.  Milko has contributed significantly in the setting up of the young national oil company, creating strategies and assisting in its acquisition of assets. Milko is working fervently with his team to ensure that Gabon starts soon to produce daily 2million barrels of oil. Before his current position, Milko was the Vice President Upstream of the national oil company. He has also functioned in his career as development planer in Shell Houston. Milko also worked for Ceaser Systems Paris and The Hague as Client Service Manager


About the conference:

The objective of this conference is to create a common forum where top government officials, national oil companies from Sub-Saharan Africa, international oil companies, independent exploration, production, service companies, industry top players, investors, financial institutions and private equity firms  will meet to exchange ideas, and also showcase available opportunities. It will also create a platform for exhibiting, discussing case studies, best practices, challenges, issues and above all network for optimization of goals in a harmonious environment. If you want to know what’s going on in the burgeoning Sub-Saharan Africa oil and gas market; about E & P updates, upstream, downstream, shale oil and gas potentials of the region, gas monetization plans, new frontier opportunities, marginal oil field  and market development, development of offshore and deep, shallow water  fields, advancements in technology, reservoir engineering, geology, geophysics, the new players, nascent petroleum laws, upcoming licensing rounds, its geopolitical atmosphere or to plug into the latest business opportunities in the region and network with top government officials, decision makers and industry top players, this conference is for you! 


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