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John Dribus

Global Geologic Advisor


As the Global Geologic Advisor for Schlumberger, I consult internally in Schlumberger and externally with clients at their offices all over the world, on global exploration issues, including below-salt geology, deep water turbidite reservoir and seal geology, geologic analog and risk assessment, deep water and salt-related hazard identification, and petroleum systems analysis in basins worldwide. My experience includes many basins along the Atlantic margin including the shelf and deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico, Macuspana Area Mexico onshore, western Greenland, Colombia, Brazil pre-salt microbial and travertine carbonates, French Guiana and equatorial Brazil turbidites, Gabon presalt clastics, Ghana basin margin wedge turbidites (Jubilee), Angola presalt Kwanza, Benguela, and Namibe basins, and also the Red Sea presalt, and Black Sea turbidite and carbonate plays, and the Barents Sea. I also teach various internal and external technical courses related to Petroleum Geoscience, Petroleum Systems, Exploration workflow and prospect identifcation and evaluation methods, and below-salt plays. In the past two years I have delivered technical presentations to AAPG, SPE, SPWLA, NOGS, GCAGS, AADE, and EAGE. In 2014, I spoke at India's Petrotech 2014, the Trinidad/Tabago Deepwater Workshop, and will speak at SIPES, and the AAPG Deep Water Reservoir Workshop on subjects ranging from Deep water Hazards, The Evolution of the Atlantic Margin Salt Basins, Three Global Exploration Reservoirs: GoM Lower Tertiary Turbidites, Brazil and Angola Presalt Carbonates, and Ghana Basin Margin Turbidites in Jubilee.

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