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VAALCO  Energy: Strong Cash Flow with Substantial Growth Potential
Independent oil and gas companies have continued to make giant strides in Africa’s oil patch. VAALCO Energy is one of the major independents that have enhanced its footprint in the continent. VAALCO’s growth strategy according to the company’s board is to fully exploit its potential and expand their footprints in West Africa. Additionally, the company continues to pursue North American opportunities, both non-conventional and shale. |Read more|


Africa Offshore Basins expanding from West Africa to East Africa


New works done by experts on exploration of Tanzania Offshore frontier basins has given light that Africa offshore frontiers is expanding from West Africa to East Africa. This is good news to the continent and the investment community. It means that the West African and East African regions will start to experience immense exploration and production activities in the offshore sector. This would evidently stimulate economic growth and create enormous business opportunities as a result of the revenue which production of millions of recoverable oil and gas buried under the depth of waters in the region would bring. |Read more|

Traditional methods for pore-pressure prediction, which are based on some variants of the effective-stress method, do not work well in deepwater subsalt and other complex geological settings. The reason is lack of availability of well-log data starting from the water bottom to the target zone of interest.   |Read more|

The need to eradicate corruption, ensure transparency in the extractive industry and encourage sustainable international investment in resource – rich nations have become a global agenda to be discussed frequently, with the aim of achieving results in no distant time. Vale Columbia Center for Sustainable International Investment, defined sustainable international investment (SII) as investment that maximizes economic, social and environmental benefits and minimizes risks for all stakeholders. Vale Center based this description on the premise that sustainable international investment is in the mutual interest and also should be shared responsibility of investors, governments and all stakeholders.|Read more|

In  the name of oil, gas and politics.

Beyond the capital cities of most African countries, especially the oil-producing enclave life is like a dimmed light. Citizens of such resource-rich economies have .|Read More|

Local content:  A Vehicle of Hope or El Dorado


Local content if well comprehended is a win-win situation that will promote partnership among national oil companies, local companies and international organization. And it will create good business environment, through corporate social responsibility, |Read More|




Thinking   Aloud...


Gabon National Oil Company Presents Achievements and Opportunities in Houston

The national oil company has assets in fields such as Obangue (100%), Remboue, Batanga, Bende, and  also has explorations  assets in blocks such : Maghena (operator Addax), Agali (Operator Anadarko) and many others.  The laudable achievements and forward – looking strategies and vast opportunities in the oil and gas sector of Gabon would be included in the keynote presentation of Milko Binza Moussirou, the Assets Operations Director, of Gabon National Oil Company in the 7th Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Conference scheduled for May 1 – 2, 2014 at the Marriott West chase, Houston, USA. |Read More|

WEALTH IN OUR LAND - An African Valentine

Africa the cradle of human civilization is in no small measure blessed with abundant natural resources. From diamond to natural gas, there is no known high dollar earning commodity that is not found in Africa. Not only are these mineral resources available in Africa, the African producing nations are counted among the top producers in the world. A cursory look at the global commodity sector shows the position of Africa in the production of high –dollar yielding mineral resources. Africa has shown love and knack to collaborate with international companies in the development of its mineral resources. |Read More|

Is the African market insulated from the United States shale gas revolution? By Sunny Oputa

Despite the new thinking that the United States shale gas revolution will punch a deep hole in the international market – especially Europe and Asia, market optimists believe that Africa will not be impacted much by the American gas revolution. |Read more|

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