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Nora Herbst

Principal Exploration Geologist


Nora Herbst is the Principal Exploration Geologist at Geosolutions, Schlumberger. Nora has more than twenty years of experience working with Geosolutions group at Schlumberger, WesternGeco in Houston and Gatwick. She previously worked for Repsol, YPF and consultant for various operator companies in Argentina and Spain. Her expertise focuses on the geology of West Africa Passive Margin basins, mainly deep and ultradeep water Angola, Congo, Gabon and Namibia; on East Africa, Tanzania and Mozambique, and in Libya in Sirte Basin. her expertise is on seismic interpretation and data processing, field evaluation, block assessment, farm-outs, data rooms, risk analysis and computer portfolio management, play concepts, depth migration of regional 2D and 3D extensive library in several West Africa and East Africa basins. Nora also worked onshore and offshore Sirte Basin performing block evelauation and prospect elaboration, and following operations of exploratory wells. In Argetina she focused on Basin studies evaluating the Hydrocarbon potential of shallow marine Blocks and onshore operated areas of San Jorge Basin.

Nora has authored several publications, reports and presentations on her studies of Western Africa basins.

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