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Oil and Gas Opportunities Boom in Senegal

After about 50 years of oil exploration with little or no success, the tide turned favorably for Senegal, the Francophone West African country at the end of 2014. Cairn the Scottish Oil & Gas Company and its JV partners operating in Senegal made discoveries in the 2 wells they drilled. Since the discoveries made in Senegal in FAN -1 exploration well in the Sangomar deep offshore block and SNE-1 in Sangomar offshore block, Senegal has become a beehive of oil and gas activities and a nascent global industry bride.  The discoveries made in SNE-1 Sangomer Offshore were ranked by HIS CERA as the largest global oil discovery in 2014.

Cairn operates in Senegal as Capricorn Senegal limited which is a subsidiary of Cairn Energy plc and runs a JV which consists of Cairn as the operator (45% working interest), Petrosen ( Senegalese national oil company – 10%), ConocoPhillips (35%) and First Australian Resources ( 15%).


According to Beall Rogers, chief executive officer of African Fortesa that made first gas discovery in Senegal and one of the companies that have been operating in the country for more than a decade;”currently, Senegal is number one in the world right now, for new oil discovery, with two DW ships drilling there today/ six DW Discovery wells so far by Cairn (Conoco & FAR) and Kosmos (Chevron). “


Senegal has not only become a new light in Africa for oil and gas activities, it is also a gastronomes' paradise and a haven for lovers of sea food. Senegal is the most politically stable country in Africa.


Deep water offshore activities are booming in Senegal and it has become the new focus. What does the future hold for Senegal? What are the unseen potentials of the basin? In this year’s 9th Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Oil and gas conference scheduled for April 27 -28, 2016 at the Marriott Westchase Houston, USA, Senegal will be duly represented by directors from both Petrosen ( national oil company) and the ministry of hydrocarbon. They delegation include: Joseph Medou- Exploration & Production Director, Petrosen, Bintou Wone – Promotions Director, Petrosen, Aminata Ndoye Toure – Director General, Ministry of Hydrocarbon, Senegal and other dignitaries.


Joseph Medou will be presenting a keynote paper on the potentials of Senegal Basin and the immense E & P and service opportunities booming in Senegal.



Joseph Medou                                                          Aminata Ndoye Toure
E & P Director                                                            Director General
Petrosen                                                                     Ministry of Hydrocarbon, Senegal

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