Oil and Gas  Deals for 2017 and the Year in Panorama

Oil and gas activities will increase in Nigeria and Angola which tied in production on November 2016. Production in Nigeria plummeted as result of incessant attack by the Niger Delta Avenger. The economy of Nigeria was also distorted by recession. It is likely that Nigeria will license marginal fields this year and will also inculcate more indigenous operators towards boosting production.

Isabel Dos Santos, the Head of Sonangol is poised to increase production in Angola and revive its ailing economy.

Another country to watch carefully this year is Senegal. More discoveries are expected in Senegal which will start production in 2018.

Ghana will endeavor to develop more offshore assets. The pursuit of the former Black Gold state to develop marginal fields and bring oil and gas leaders in the region will be more pronounced.

With ageing wells Equatorial Guinea is under pressure to discover new assets. New blocks will be awarded this year. Hopefully, new wells will be drilled to complement Noble and Marathon’s producing fields.

More gas discoveries are expected from Tanzania and Mozambique, where LNG business is picking up gradually.

Not only the new frontiers the new mantra of Gas-to Power and LNG will be agog in Sub-Saharan Africa, were governments have decided to monetize its gas.

International Terrorism

International terrorism is bound to be on the increase this year. Amid an awakening global economy, t/errorism is bound to increase in Europe. According to Angela Merkel, German Chancellor , in her New Year address “ Terrorism is biggest challenge facing her country”


China is to divest her huge economy in areas of sports, entertainment and life style. That started with the purchase of Carlos Teves who has left his home in Buenos Aires to start the New Year in Shanghai.  Teves is signed in a deal of $32, 000 British Pounds yearly, making him the World’s highest paid footballer, at a breaking record of $80 per minute.

China will be a major focus of the world this year, not because of her huge appetite for crude oil, but for her push to attract the world heavy weights in football, entertainment and life style to China. Recently, the manager of Cristano Ronaldo of Real Madrid claimed that   a top rated Club in Beijing wanted to pay Ronaldo equivalent of $100 Million dollars every year he plays for them in China.


Russia will continue to comply with OPEC to ensure global reduction of supply of crude oil as a strategic maneuver of winning the mind and soul of the international community, especially OPEC member States. With a not so good economy, Putin is poised to put Russia up front globally. The deportation of 35 Diplomats by the Obama regime that claimed Russian interrupted U.S  election through the hacking of  emails of the Democratic Party. Currently there is cease fire in Syria  the world looks up to Russian which has been the greatest backer of Assad regime.


Amid an election that was deemed unprecedented, Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated on January 20, as the next president of USA. A man that muzzled his way through,  " as the law and order" candidate has been described by an analyst as a man who can throw  grenade in the house as see how people reacts. The whole world looks at Trump to see  how he will react. For sure, America's foreign policy will  Russia, Philippine, Turkey will improve.  


Putin and Trump have been claimed several times to be friends. The Philippine,  Rodrigo Duterte and Turkish leader,Recep Tayyip Erdoğan   have openly defended Trump.

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