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   DATE:  19th – 21st November, 2014                                     VENUE:  Marriott Westchase, Houston


Course Overview


Petroleum Fiscal System denotes contractual arrangement which permits a petroleum production operation between a government/landowner and the E & P companies.


The objective of this course is to equip attendees with knowledge of various contracts used in
making exploration deals. It will present the tax and financial advantages, pitfalls and alternative deals. The training will cover Concession Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Production Sharing Agreements, Risk Service Contracts and Buy back Contracts.


It is also designed to equip professionals in the petroleum industry, managers, executives and government advisors with vital knowledge in implementing successful joint ventures and partnerships in the oil and gas industry.


Participants will learn essential information that will guide them in navigating through the various important stages of joint ventures for harmonious partnership and optimization of goals.


This course is interactive, entails case study analysis and role-plays.


Course Outline:


Part A

Fundamentals of hydrocarbon exploration and production

State and future of the oil and gas market

Introduction to business law

Oil and Gas Contract
Seeking authorization – Exploration, Production, Decommissioning

Seeking authorization – (confidentiality agreement, area of mutual interest agreement, bidding agreement)

Authorization – (license, a concession, a lease, petroleum agreement)


Part B

Classification of petroleum contracts


Production sharing contracts

Revenue sharing contracts

Service contracts

Loan agreements


Joint ventures agreements    


Part C

Contract comparison


Direct income for the state

Reserve estimates

Tax advantages and pit falls

National petroleum laws and production sharing contracts in the context of petroleum fiscal contracts applicable to participant countries

Ranking of regions for their fiscal /contractual conditions


Part D

Fundamentals of Joint Venture & Partnerships

¨ Introduction to the oil and gas industry

¨ Review of contracts and lifecycles in oil and gas operations

¨ The role of joint ventures in oil and gas industry

¨ Why nations and companies enter into joint ventures

¨ Industry trends and changes that impact joint ventures

¨ Strategies for partnering and partnering models

¨ Alliances, partnerships, and joint ventures

¨ Incorporated and unincorporated joint ventures

¨ Chain joint ventures

¨ Joint venture operations – successes and failures

¨ Setting up joint ventures, essential agreements, issues, negotiations

¨ Managing joint ventures and funding

¨ Cultural differences, conflict resolution

¨ Petroleum laws, local content policy and various government regulations

¨ Joint venture operating principles and performance management

¨ Examples of successful and failed joint ventures and lessons learned from them


Who should attend?

  • Industry executives,Joint venture managers, Contract Managers, Local Content Executives, Government Officials, Regulatory agents

  • Geologists, geophysicists, engineers, accountants, investors, bankers, managers at all levels, will benefit from this program.


Course duration:  3 days

Course fee:            US$2,000


Locations:              Houston




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