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Pro Charles Ofoegbu

                            Executive Director

                              A - Z Petroleum

Professor Ofoegbu attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and the University of Durham, United Kingdom where he obtained his PhD in Applied Geophysics in 1982. In spite of being admitted to do a 24 – months MSc programme in October 1979, Professor Ofoegbu obtained his PhD in Applied Geophysics in 1982 having completed both the M.Sc and PhD Programmes in record time of twenty eight (28) months. He was a senior lecturer at the University of Port Harcourt, a Professor at Freie Universitat, Berlin, West Germany and the Project Director / Vice Chancellor, Veritas University (The Catholic University of Nigeria). Professor Ofoegbu has held several positions in both the public and private sector including:
Special Adviser to the Governor of Abia state on Mineral Resources and Environmental Protection, Head, Exploration Research, Research and Development Division, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Director-General / CEO, Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute, Managing Consultant, Habitat Consult Ltd, and Visiting Professor, National Universities Commission.

Prof. Ofoegbu has also served on the Board of several companies and corporate bodies including the African Continental Bank Plc, Cotea International Co. Ltd.

He joined  A - Z Petroleum (Chicason Group)  as a Director in 2008. Presently he is Executive Director in charge of special projects.



About A-Z Petroluem

A-Z Petroleum Products Ltd, a full service Lubricating oil Blending Plant, incorporated in 1995 is engaged in the research, development, production and marketing of petroleum and petrochemical products. The company procures base oil from refineries overseas through the operating licence obtained from the Directorate of Petroleum Resources of Nigeria (DPR). A-Z employs the latest in addictive and blending technology to deliver to its numerous loyal customers the quality products that best meet their highest expectations.



A-Z Petroleum Products Ltd, in 2008 embarked on an aggressive expansion into Upstream Sector of the Oil and Gas Industry. As part of this expansion, subsidiaries of the Company were established to handle its Upstream Petroleum Operations in different countries


Upstream Activities in Ghana

A-Z Petroleum Products Ghana Ltd has concluded negotiation for the award of Exploration and Production License over Portion of Offshore Cape three Point South.

Upstream Activities in Liberia

A-Z Petroleum (Lib) Ltd is in the process of acquiring an Offshore Block in Liberia during the Next Country Bid Process.


Upstream Activities in Sierra Leone

A-Z Petroleum Products (SL) Ltd currently operates the Production License Agreement (PLA) for two Offshore Blocks. These are Block SL 7C-10 and Block SL-10B-10.


Upstream Activities in Kenya

A-Z Petroleum Products Ltd Kenya is the operator of two Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs)  for Onshore Blocks L3 and  L1A respectively.



Upstream Activities in Burundi

A-Z Petroleum Products Ltd - currently operates the Hydrocarbon Research Agreement (License) for Block A. The Implementation of the Work Programme has commenced.


Upstream Activities in Senegal

A-Z Petroleum Products Ltd has recently entered into contract for Exploration    and Production over the Onshore- Diourbel Block. The implementation of the work programme has commenced.


Upstream Activities in Republic of Guinea

A-Z Petroleum Products (Guinea) SA has concluded the process of acquiring four Offshore Oil Blocks. The process would have been concluded but has been delayed due to the revision of the Petroleum Acts/ Laws by the government of Guinea. Hopefully this exercise would be concluded before the end of 2014.





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