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Sao  Tome and Principe national oil company to license 2 oil blocks


Agencia  Nacional  do Petroleo  ( ANP  STP)  of Sao  Tome and Principe calls for expression of interest towards the auctioning of oil blocks 1  and 6 at the Exclusive Economic Zone.   This call is a sequel to the report on the interests submitted by Blue Skies World Group, London Global Energy, Limited and in accordance with the resolution of the Council of Ministers, in its 15th Extraordinary Session, held on December 31, 2013. This call for expression of interest is also backed up by Democratic Republic of Sao Tome & Principe articles of the legal framework on Petroleum Operations – Law no. 16/2009. While Blue Skies World Group is interested in acquiring block 1, London Global Energy has  shown keen interest on block 6.



The agency requests that the submission of expression of interest be made by letter addressed to the Executive Director of ANP-STP specifically mentioning the block and accompanied by the following information: a) Company name; b) Address, telephone and fax number; c) Director or  Person in charge; and d) If a representative is located in São Tome e Principe, the name, address, telephone and fax number, only for the purpose of facilitating contact.3. In addition it is requested to annex the following documents:

a) Brief overview of the person (s).


This shall include information regarding capital and financial resources, list of most important shareholders/shareholding groups together with their equity share and information of the administrators, as appropriate'; b) Certificate of commercial registration and updated artic1es of association or other legal document according to the nature of the person (s);c) Clearance certificate; d) Credit Rating in accordance with Standard and Poors or Moodys standard, if applicable; e) Balance sheet and income statement of the last three fiscal years from the person (s) in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, if applicable; f) Periodic tax return on income from the person (s);g) Brief overview of the person (s) experience in projects within exploration, field development and production, inc1uding information regarding key technical staff and consultants''; h) In case of a consortium, a statement of intent to constitute the consortium, with the definition of the participants and the operator, signed by a legally authorized signatories for each parties.


 Expression of interest shall not contain any proposed contractual and fiscal terms, since it will not be considered at this stage.


It should be realled that about three weeks ago, SINOPEC paid $5m to  the government of Sao Tome & Pricipe as a sign up bonus in  their production sharing agrement for the development of Block 2.


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