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By Sunny Oputa

According to UNO record, Africa is expected to become the most populated continent by 2050 with a population of about 2.49 billion. Most of the major population growth will be in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Nigeria the most populated country in the region will become larger than United States of America in population.  Also, demographics favor the region with large population of youths within the age of 35 years. The expected upsurge in Africa’s population and that of Nigeria the current economic powerhouse of the region would help to propel global economic dynamism as a major human capital or labor hub and commercial epicenter.  At the same time, the burgeoning population might trigger global conflicts if not well managed. Therefore, Africa and Nigeria become very consequential to the global future.

It is on this ground that the incessant conflicts in Africa should be a global focus, especially the rampant security issues in Nigeria through ethnic conflicts, unknown gunmen, herders’ attacks, kidnapping and numerous social vices.

Economic issues as related to poverty and lack of meaningful employment are some of the triggers of the security issues in Nigeria. A nation that has been ladened with weak political development, institutions and back pedaled with humongous corruption which has become a big albatross in attracting desired foreign investment.

The rampant nature of these attacks by marauders and unknown gunmen like the one that recently happened in Plateau during 2023 Xmas period, the kidnappings, even in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria and many other towns, shows that the security architecture of Nigeria requires a major overhaul.  Most of these nefarious and callous actions are total abuse of human rights and genocidal.  This arrows to the point that the strategy for intelligence gathering evaluation, dissemination, storage, and execution need to be overhauled.

Although there are several reasons to show that the security system of Nigeria is putting in some good efforts, yet their best is not good enough to save the economic giant of Africa, and one of the energy producers in the continent, that is working to become a significant human capital hub in the globe.

It becomes imperative for Nigeria to review its border and homeland security strategy and biff up training of the core personnel that man her borders and empower the military the more. Since national security encompasses protection of homeland, protecting and defending the people, its sovereignty and international relations, the need for Nigeria its diplomatic relations for relevant supports, intelligence sharing with neighboring countries and international allies, strengthening her miliary to remain relevant as a power center in Africa and pushing for economic resuscitation cannot be undermined , if Nigeria is to be saved from this advancing loom and remain big player in the global system.

The amassing insecurity in Nigeria will generate a holocaust and immense geopolitical risk that will hinder foreign investments, increase divestments from existing international companies, create a gloomy atmosphere, douse domestic investment and economic mobility, and could eventually plunge the nation into chaos.  Nigeria would not afford at this period of weak economic conditions to be plunged as a failed or failing State as it will be a big dent in its diplomatic relations and economic growth.


Sunny Oputa is and energy  and international security analyst.

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