Senegal becomes more democratic with new referendum cutting presidential terms.

Senegal has continued to transform and showcase itself as the bastion of new hope for Africa. This most politically stable African nation once again proved that democracy is becoming entrenched in the daily lives of the people, as Senegalese recently in a referendum voted to reduce the presidential mandate from seven to five years starting 2019.


With this, Senegalese have wane the country out from the strings of despotism or one leader over staying in power for decades which often trigger civil strife in Africa. According to the country’s electoral commission, 63% of the citizens voting approved the proposal initiated by President Macky Sall.


The constitutional amendment puts limit to the age of a presidential candidate at 75 and limits the reign of a president to two presidential terms. Among other attributes to the transparency of the referendum, is the liberty given to oppositions to enjoy a good degree of official benefits to enhance their political statues as alternative voice in the nation’s leadership. The constitutional amendment also recognizes that politics is local and granted more power to local government authorities and enhances health and environmental right of the citizens.


The international community has applauded this smooth and democratic change in Senegal which many analysts see as a harbinger of great things to happen in terms of foreign direct investments.

Oil was recently discovered in Senegal, and since this discovery the Francophone West Africa country has began to enjoy more economic buoyancy and dynamic commercial activities.


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