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Gala and Award Nights

Our gala and award nights are done in style because life has a peculiar style on its own.  We organize award nights to profile and celebrate people who have contributed in the growth and development of the industry and have touched humanity with their exemplary leadership,

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Road Shows and Licensing Round Promotions

Every road show or Licensing round  promotion must come with a detailed agenda and goal to be achieved within the focus of interest. This is what we do to help clients create and achieve their  road shows and licensing round promotions to achieve fulfilling goals at reduced cost.


The world of business roles on relationship  and strategic meetings that yield the desire goals remain significant in  enhancing business relations.

Whether it is for business development, exploring opportunities, triggering negotiations, resolving conflicts, boosting community relationships or to chart a new course, we are well equipped with quality personnel and resources to ensure the setting and accomplishing strategic high -level meetings/forums in an ethical manner, ensuring compliances and in good governance.

Our corporate retreats and games are designed to help teams relieve stress and recharge for higher performance, thereby building a culture of preferred place to work and environment. It gives teams, groups and associates chance to bond, network and it stimulates creativity and spirit of innovation.

Our various retreats are designed with games, shows, fun sections and workshops to enrich the body, mind and soul.


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