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Energy & Corporate Africa sincerely appreciate your participation in our webinars. We want to continue creating this platform for knowledge sharing, gaining insight and evaluating opportunities in the industry as a way of getting ready for the great market rebound


It is our desire to continue to provide this platform FREE for participants especially in this COVID -19 eras to create a community for the generation of ideas, discussion of industry subjects, trends and create virtual networking.


However, to support this global and regional conception, we humbly request that if it is convenient for your company, group or  yourself to support this work through: SPONSORSHIP  or ADVERTISEMENT.

Kindly email us @ for customized and moderate sponsorship/advertisement and the valuable benefits

If it is convenient for you consider supporting this webinar with any little sum. It will help us  in fulfilling our mission of providing a platform for unbiased and authentic discussion on industry subjects and gaining of insights on prevailing opportunities.


Thank you.

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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