The NEXT PLAY for Marissa Mayer and Yahoo


                                                                          By Sunny Oputa

Suddenly I found myself becoming a “Mayerite” – an ardent reader of anything that concerns Marissa Mayer, the 39 year old CEO of Yahoo. I would always peruse with great admonition every line or picture that has to do with Marissa and sometimes they all seem to be saying same thing under various captions. Yet, the more I see these new lines on Marissa; I am attracted to know more about this icon that has become the face of Corporate America.


 Not only has Marissa proved to be a power house, top global woman of consequence, a change agent, a study on organizational leadership, her ever smiling and alluring demeanor, I think, would be enough attraction for anyone to take deep look on this beau who has demonstrated to be “beauty, brain, bold and buoyant.” There is no week that passes by since Marissa Mayer took over the mantle as the chief executive officer of Yahoo that there will not be something about her on the internet. Even if it means for a writer to say that Marissa drank a cup of coffee in the board room or a glass of water during a meeting with investors, it will make headline and I like most adherents will be locked into pouring over such statements. Thanks to writers such as Nicholas Carlson,   the author of “Marissa Mayer - And Fight to Save Yahoo!” for keeping Mayerites like me refreshed everyday on the mysticism surrounding the persona which could sometimes be referred as instead of


 After recently reading Carlson’s new article on  “5 Lesson From Marissa Mayer’s $500  Million Career”  which entail – Choosing opportunity that is scariest, recognizing your relative weakness, identifying your company’s problems and solve them, Don’t worry too much about stepping on toes and know when to say good bye, I went to make more reviews on  Marissa – looking at various statements and actions attributed to her,  and came to the conclusion that while the above points are cogent, Marissa’s success is based more on her excitement about life, energy, optimism, strength of purpose, and great passion to succeed. A cursory look at her various pictures on tabloids will fully depict her daily enthusiasm, focus and mental strength.


Marissa today has become quintessential of a corporate giant in the ilk of Jack Welch of GE, Lee Iacocca of Chrysler and Megan Whitman in her days at EBay. Marissa is one of the alluring faces of Corporate America. She has proved that she could be a tigress and also a dove – a reformer and a strategist.


However, it is also clear that how long Marissa Mayer continues to exude power in Yahoo in the next three years will depend on her ability to strategize and lead the company with vision. Marissa’s ability to help Yahoo sustain growth, innovate and exceed the S- Curve, and continue to lead without just managing is very important. Will Yahoo continue to be a dinosaur or is there the NEXT BIG PLAY coming for Yahoo?  This is very germane for Marissa to calm the nerves of activist Board members that want to live beyond Alibaba stocks. 

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