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DATE:               August 6 -14, 2018


VENUE:           DoubleTree Hotel Galleria,
                         Houston,  Texas, USA


 FEE:                 US $4,000 

(Registration covers participation, course materials, breakfast, lunch, coffee/tea breaks and networking reception)


                    General Information/Registration       
                            Energy & Corporate Africa, Inc.
                            Sunny Oputa  | Lydia Lawrence
                                 10103 Fondren Road
                                Houston, TX 77096
                                      Tel: +(713) 271 7778



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       US $4,000  per participant

In everyday life, we negotiate personally and professionally. Governments, communities, labor unions, companies and businesses negotiate in various capacities. However, the basics of negotiations are the same. Conflicts may arise or escalate when we fail to resolve the interests been pursued during negotiation process. In this regard we start working towards resolving the conflict so it won’t get to the phases of mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Course Outline:

  • What is negotiation?

  • Negotiation styles , characteristics and impact

  • Focus and winning

  • Focus and reacting

  • Collaborative style

  • Three steps to negotiation

  • Interest

  • Rights

  • Power

  • Phases of negotiation

  • The mind of a negotiator

  • Negotiation and emotional intelligence

  • Fundamentals of effective negotiation strategy

  • Developing active listening

  • Ethical issue in mediation

  • Leadership and negotiation skills

  • Definition of conflict

  • Conflict and crisis

  • Conflict resolution theory and practice

  • Communication skills for negotiation and conflict resolution

  • Mediation environment

  • Two kinds of mediation – Interest based , Evaluative

  • Mediation, understanding dispute resolution

  • Arbitration

  • Litigation

  • Using alternative and other dispute resolution tactics

  • Mitigating stress at the bargaining table

  • Culture and negotiation

  • Overcoming cultural barriers in negotiation

  • Understanding Negotiation Fatigue

  • Playing Negotiation games

  • Review

  • Film clips

Who will attend?

  • Lawyers

  • Public relations managers and officers

  • Business managers of spheres

  • Department and line managers

  • Communications Managers and personnel

  • Labour and union leaders

Professionals interested in honing skills on negotiation and conflict resolution

Project Finance/ Infrastructure & Private Public Partnership, Course - September 12 -14, 2018   | Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria

As nations, companies, public and private organizations go into large-scale projects for growth, expansion, change and ensure economic development, the critical knowledge of the fundamentals, technicality and application of project finance infrastructure and private public partnership become very essential.

This course will enable professionals to acquire skills and have better understanding of the fundamentals of project finance infrastructure/PPP and how to structure deals. It will also guide them on how to identify, screen deals and mitigate risks that may cause project failures. They will also be equipped with knowledge on how to make deals succeed to avoid colossal failures.

Course Outlines:

  • A World of Projects

  • Definition of Project

  • Project Lifecycle

  • Fundamentals of Project Management

  • Overview and Definition of Project Finance

  • Project Finance and Financing a Project

  • Project Finance and Corporate Finance

  • Why Project Finance and Who uses Project Finance

  • Fundamentals of Basel 11

  •  - Project Finance

  •   -Object Finance

  •   -Commodities Finance

  •    -Income – Real Estate Finance

  • Risks associated with PF ( Symmetric, Asymmetric and Binary Risks)

  • Requirements to Finance Off-Balance Sheet

  • Attributes of Project Companies in Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV)

  • Identification and Screening of Projects

  • Values of having PPP frameworks

  • Stages of PPP frameworks

  • Roles and Responsibilities Allocation of PPP

  • Key Infrastructure/PPP Financing Contracts – The Concession

  • Concession Responsibilities

  • Grantor Responsibilities

  • Payment Methods, Penalty Regimes, Termination

  • Relief & Force Majeure

Principles and Techniques of facilitating Public Financial Management

  • The Project Finance Infrastructure/Private Public Partnership Regulatory and Public Sector

  •  Oversight

  • Global Best Practices, Transparency and Oversight of PPP

  • Case Studies

  • Summary

  • Conclusion

Who should attend?

  • Contract Manager, Supervisors

  • Project Finance Professionals from companies, private and public sectors

  • Government Officials

  • Project Finance Advisors

  • Engineers

  • Regulators/Compliance Officers

  • Lawyers and Legal Advisors

  • Risk Manager

  • Any Personnel that would benefit from the knowledge/skill of Project Finance /PPP

Course Date:      September 12 – 14, 2018

Venue:                 Sheraton Hotel Abuja

Course Fee:        N250,000 ( Two Hundred & Fifty Thousand Naira per participant)


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